The Hick Town Times began around 1965, as near as anyone can remember.  The first issues were banged out with two fingers on an old manual Underwood typewriter.  We banged pretty hard, too, because we were making a couple of carbon copies at a time.

Technology is slow to trickle into Hick Town.  Over the decades we have grudgingly moved from photocopies to pin-fold printouts to desktop publishing.  Now it looks like it’s time to try out this world wide web.  We’ll see how it goes and how we like it.

Maybe next decade we’ll friend you on Facebook.

5 Responses to About

  1. Peapod says:

    Wonderful, well-written website! The entire Hick Town population is clamoring for more.

    • HickTownTimes Staff says:

      Thank you, Pod, for the kind words. You will forever hold the honor of being the first to send a comment to The Hick Town Times. We promise there is plenty more coming for you and all the Hicks, just as soon as we wipe the barbecue from our greasy fingers and get back to banging those keys.

  2. Carolina Juarez says:

    Now that we’re deep in the heart of Tejas, how can I post photos of your familia and proof that we were welcomed with all the necessary ingrediments for an authentic Afflerbach reunion! Twelve hour pecan wood slow cooked BBQ brisquet, 40 mile sausages, kolaches, and original songs played on the guitar?

    • HickTownTimes Staff says:

      You can e-mail us whatever you want, and if we like it, we’ll use it. You know our e-mail, dontcha?

      If not, you can put your comment here; it’s e-mailed to us, and we review it before posting it. We’ll figure out the photos later.

  3. Southpaw says:

    More revealing than the Pentagon Papers, the Hick Town Times is back from a half-century hiatus with posts from the Middle East that will knock the dust off your book shelves.

    But will the intrepid editor and tireless staff tackle the mystery of who burned down the picture show?

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